Yost Productions


Production Sound Mixing

Full-scale, on-set recording, audio mixing, and equipment and audio team management.

Post-Production services

Audio post-production services for film, television, music, and audio-based media.

Voiceover, podcasts & Audiobooks

Equipment supervision and/or setup, recording, mixing, and post-production.

Studio & Touring drums

Writing, tracking, production, MIDI engineering, and touring.

Studio recording & Re-recording

In-studio recording & re-recording for film, television, music, and voice-over.


Project-based consultation services for audio, recording, touring, etc.

“Brandon is a pleasure to work with. He is observant, helps prevent issues before they arise, and he's great for a laugh!"

– Lizzy Bean, of “The Stitch People Podcast” and “Dig Dirt”


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